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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Character
Physical Information
GenderMale.png Male
Biographical Information
Fav. Meal
Any meat dish
Gameplay Information
Venturer Of The World
Unit Type
IconUnitBattle.png Battle

Nowa is the protagonist of Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. Nowa is a strong-willed country boy and rune-lens wielder from the League of Nations.


Nowa Talk 1.png
That’s who I am. A meddler. Always will be—just ask Leene. So don’t tell me to do nothing. I may not be able to help them, but I have to at least try.

Nowa comes from a small village on the border of the Galdean Empire and the League of Nations. He was originally recruited for training as a warrior by the League of Nations and uses a relic-class rune-lens.

He would participate in a joint mission with the Empire, not knowing this expedition would eventually lead to war between the two powers. Following the outbreak of the war, he would be assigned to the League of Nations's defense force.

Nowa often acts without thinking and will move to protect his friends and comrades, regardless of common sense or weighing of odds. His instinct is always to help if someone is in trouble.


Character designer Junko Kawano has said that Nowa's clothing is designed to be a hodge-podge. Nowa himself just put it together using what he could find, reflecting his station in life.

B'baba's Divination

Nostalgic Hamburg Steak
Nowa will eat anything involving meat, but his favorite is hamburg steak topped with a fried egg.

His mom always made it for him, and he still makes it for Leene sometimes. It always goes with mashed potatoes and carrots.

Great Around The House
Nowa knows his way around housework. He learned a lot of it from Martha. Cleaning is his speciality, and he gets a lot of satisfaction from a polished floor.

You can still find him scrubbing away at the floor on his time off, which baffles people who run into him.

Memories of His Parents
Nowa's mother died young. The village trusted his father and took good care of Nowa and Leene. When Nowa was 12, their father died honorably, protecting the village from monsters.

It's his father that Nowa gets his busybody nature from.



Other languages

Language Title Romanization Notes
Japanese ノア Noa Possibly from the Hawaiian word "noa" meaning commoner or free man
Chinese (Simplified) 诺瓦 Nuò wǎ Transliteration of English name
Chinese (Traditional) 諾瓦 Nuò wǎ Transliteration of English name
French Nowa Same as English
German Nowa Same as English
Italian Nowa Same as English
Korean 노아 Noa Transliteration of Japanese
Portuguese (Brazilian) Nowa Same as English
Russian Нова Nova Transliteration of English
Spanish Nowa Same as English