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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes
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The Galdean Empire has edged out other nations and discovered a technology that amplifies the rune-lenses’ magic. Now, the Empire is scouring the continent for an artifact that will expand their power even further. It is on one such expedition that Seign Kesling, a young and gifted imperial officer, and Nowa, a boy from a remote village, meet each other and become friends. However, a twist of fate will soon drag them into the fires of war, and force them both to reexamine everything they believe to be right and true.
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Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising
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Drawn by lenses and other treasure in the nearby Runebarrows, our heroes learn that New Nevaeh is struggling to rebuild after an earthquake and decide to help. Along the way, they’ll resolve disputes between eager adventurers and wary locals who don’t think the Barrows should be disturbed. And they’ll learn more about each other’s reasons for seeking treasure, deepening their bonds in the process. These Runebarrows hide a great secret that has fateful implications for one of the characters. What begins as a simple treasure hunt turns into a dark conspiracy that will shake the world.

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