Seign Kesling

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Seign Kesling
Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Character
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Physical Information
GenderMale.png Male
Biographical Information
Fav. Meal
Poached Egg
Gameplay Information
Imperial Prodigy
Unit Type
IconUnitBattle.png Battle

Seign Kesling is a playable character in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. Seign's strategic mind allows him to analyze things from a broad perspective and make sound decisions. People often confuse his clear mind for a cold heart, but he is guided by strong ideals and a deep passion to fulfil them.

After his brother's death during a border rebellion, Seign began to think long and hard about what it means to fight.


Seign Kesling icon 01.png
I can dream all I want, but it won't change a thing. The world is not that kind. So if the only way to achieve my ideals is to betray them first, then I will do that-unflinchingly. You have my word.

The second-born son to House Kesling, a powerful imperial family. His older brother died on the battlefield. Seign is exceptionally gifted; after achieving outstanding grades at military academy, he was placed in command of a company of his peers and sent on the expedition to find the ancient rune-lens. During the mission, he meets Nowa. The two warm up to each other as they overcome adversity, and they learn of one another's ambitions.


Per Junko Kawano's design intent, Seign and the others' uniforms were designed with the idea that it's a uniform to be worn by strict people who take rules and balance very seriously.

B'baba's Divination

Distant and Dense
Seign has no sense for romance. In his academy days, he had zero awareness that he was one of the most popular students there.

Of course, his unapproachable air kept most girls from even asking him out in the first place.

Accomplished Violinist
Seign is skilled with the violin. He would often perform recitals at home with his brother on piano, but he left it behind when he went to academy.

Pohl and Hildi occasionally get to hear him play, which they regard as a real treat.

Seign's Brother
Seign's brother, Arthur, was a principled man who never hesitated to say what he thought, even against his superiors.

He was expected to go far, but was tragically killed suppressing rebellion in the borderlands. Seign is still trying to live up to his example.



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