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Galdean Empire
Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Location
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Political Information

The Galdean Empire is a nation in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. The Galdean Empire is a growing power on Allraan, one that has edged out other nations and created the regules. The regules amplify the power of rune-lenses, giving them an edge over their rivals.

Galdea continues to search for an artifact that will expand their power even further. The Empire borders the League of Nations, and the two powers set up a joint expedition for this artifact in the Northern Runebarrows. This expedition would eventually provide the spark for war that would ignite Allraan.


The Galdean Empire is a military state born out of the chaos following the fall of the Oldest Realm. The Empire was founded by Alexei Galdea, King of Tulsean. Subduing kingdoms with force, he proclaimed the founding of the Galdean Empire in Solar Year 477. In later years, he continued to grow the border of his realm through conquest until he died from an arrow wound during his final campaign.

Alexei was succeeded by his eldest son, Zigu Galdea. Suspicions linger that Alexei was assassinated, as the arrow wound was in his back. In Solar Year 526 Zigu was succeeded by Raat Fretranthys, a relative by marriage. The Empire's wealth and technological prowess grew by leaps under the Fretranthys line and the capital was eventually moved to Arudilant.

In Solar Year 531, advances in rune-lens arts would lead to an uprising in the Empire's west. Seeking these rune-lens secrets, the Empire invaded a small elf-kingdom, massacring many elves in its second-largest city. This sparked rage among elves, dwarves, and beastyn, igniting the Kortland Rebellion. The rebellion persisted for decades, causing the Empire to lose vast territories, fostering animosity between them and the regions.

By Solar Year 562, the Empire shifted its focus to the south, invading the Monarchy of Norristar. Lord Kiluerark clashed with Norristari King Estaruk, resulting in a truce and the Empire's withdrawal. Subsequently, in Solar Year 582, the Second South Galdean War erupted between the Empire and a League of Nations comprising of Norristar, Kenan, and Euchrisse.

Some 20 years ago, a war of succession broke out in Galdea between Balzac Fretranthys and his uncle. With the aid of capable officers such as Goldwyn, Balzac would secure his claim to the throne. With the Empire weakened from the struggle, it would see itself invaded from the west but was able to repel the attacks with the aid of both Goldwyn and Dux Aldric.

In the present day, the Empire would renew its southern designs, this time under the influence of Dux Aldric, now a powerful Galdean lord with ambitions regarding the Primal Lens and the use of standardized rune-lens technology.


Character designer Junko Kawano noted that the uniforms of Galdean officers such as Seign Kesling and Hildi were designed with the idea that theirs is a uniform to be worn by strict people who take rules and balance very seriously.

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