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This recruitment guide is built so that players need to click through for information. This is so players can avoid unnecessary spoilers and access only the information they want to see.

Characters are listed based on when they become available to recruit. Characters that have an additional story requirement beyond the rest of the group will have that information marked.

This particular guide does not display characters that automatically join the player through the story.


Recruitment Beginning
During the events in Eltisweiss, once you can begin recruiting
Arenside (1)
  • This recruit is not available until after the initial events in the Abandoned mines.
  • Speak to Gigina in Arenside.
  • Nowa must be level 9 or higher.
Altverden Village (2)
  • Speak to Kuroto to initiate his quest.
  • You must defeat three Wild Boars in Redthroat Ridge.
  • Note: As of the most recent patch as of 4/20/24, this has changed from 5 to 3, and counts all boars killed before initiating the quest.
Eltisweiss (2)
  • Talk to him at the bar in Eltisweiss. It is located off the eastern-most road, to the left.
  • Find Mellore down the middle road in Eltisweiss.
  • Follow her to the entrance, and then complete her quest in Redthroat Ridge.
Fort Xialuke (1)
  • Speak to Yusuke at Fort Xialuke.
Werne Village (1)
  • You must have completed Mellore's recruitment.
  • Speak to Yume's grandmother near the entrance of Werne.
  • Go to Redthroad Ridge to find and recruit Yume.
Next Event (1)
During the events in Eltisweiss, after the events in Kyshiri
No new recruits available at this point.
Next Event (2)
After the events in Eltisweiss and obtaining your Headquarters
Abandoned Mines (3)
  • Speak to Ormond at the Abandoned Mines Map 4 (Midpoint).
  • Mine three pieces of Iron Ore and return to him.
  • Ore can be mined before initiating the quest, but must be in your inventory.
  • Speak to Hiro at the Abandoned Mines Map 2 (Midpoint).
  • Speak to Galdorf at the Abandoned Mines entrance. Bring him a Palenight Mail.
Palenight Mail
  • Obtained from a sparkle point in the Abandoned Mines.
  • Can also be obtained in a treasure chest in The Proving Grounds. Also available in armor shops later in the game.
Altverden Village (1)
Bounty Hill (2)
  • Speak to Wyler at the entrance to Bounty Hill. Help him find his sister, Marin.
Dappled Forest (1)
  • Speak with Kerrin at her house near the entrance to Dappled Forest.
  • Harvest 20 Lumber, which can be found nearby, and return to her.
Eltisweiss (2)
Dr. Corque
Headquarters (1)
  • Speak to Martha at your Headquarters, east of the Inn.
The Greatwood (1)
  • Speak to Gieran in The Greatwood – East. Bring him back a Rune of Conservation.
Rune of Conservation
  • Obtained from Ancient Seed, the boss at the end of the Greatwood.
Werne Village (1)
  • Speak to Frida outside her shop.
Next Event (3)
During the events in Euchrisse
Arenside (1)
Daphan Village (4)
Code L
Rune of Currents
  • Earliest obtained from defeating the boss in Hishahn Old Town during the main story.
  • Recruit while completing the Faye recruitment quest.
  • Speak to Riufan at the Inn in your Headquarters to initiate this quest.
  • Bring Riufan to Daphan Village.
  • Speak with Lam.
  • Attempt to leave Daphan Village.
  • Speak with Lam again.
Mountain Path Homeward (1)
  • Speak to Maureus.
  • You must have a party member with 250 base MP or higher.
  • Quickest way to get this seems to be getting Mellore, Falward, Marin, or Francesca to level 33.
Headquarters (5)
  • Headquarters level 2 required.
  • Speak to Leon outside the western gate in your Headquarters.
  • Talk to Chron at your Headquarters, towards the south gate.
  • Note: Not available until you get to Hishahn.
  • Trigger a scene with Faye in the commercial area of your Headquarters, walking towards the left side behind the Trade Shop.
  • After completing this scene, you must recruit B'baba in Daphan Village.
  • Visit B'baba on the 1F of your HQ castle (right side). After each time finding Faye you must visit B'baba again.
  • Follow Faye around your HQ. She will be with Yusuke, then Francesca, and lastly with Yume.
  • You must have these three characters recruited to complete this quest.
  • You must collect 120 cards for her to show up.
  • This is possible with the second Card Shop upgrade, but would require getting 84 of the 88 unique cards in Extra Pack 1.
  • It is easier to accomplish this later on when more packs are available.
  • Once Shixeen appears, you must defeat her in a card game.
  • Note: It may take some time to complete this.
  • Begin the Cooking Battle scenario after recruiting Kurtz. (There is a 10 minute cooldown between battles.)
  • Continue the scenario and you will eventually be able to recruit Celia.
Scroll of Heaven
  • Obtained from a sparkling collection point in the Seaside Cavern.
  • At the bottom left of the overall map, before the fork that leads into the area with barrels and up to the barrier/boss.
Hishahn (5)
Grilled Tutuva Recipe
  • Obtain from an NPC in the Treefolk Village. Must have quest active.
  • Trigger three scenes with Carrie by walking over the various bridges in Hishahn.
Wheel-Eye Bream
  • Speak to Riufan. Nowa must be level 32 or higher.
  • Defeat him in a one on one battle.
  • Speak to Nell in Hishahn to recruit him. He is hidden behind a shop stall and can be hard to spot.
Treefolk Village (1)
  • 5% drop from Phantombird and Red Wyvern in the Dappled Forest.
Twinhorne East (2)
Mariette's Charm
Werne Village (1)
Next Event (4)
During the events in the Great Sandy Sea
Arenside (2)
  • Bring Paquia 5 Regular Eggs.
  • Note: Higher quality eggs do not seem to work for this quest.
Regular Egg
Dabavin (3)
Pearl Pocket-Watch
  • Speak to Reyna and she will ask to battle you.
  • You must bring Reyna to 50% health within three turns.
  • That means you must deal 1573 damage in Normal, or 1699 in Hard mode.
  • This can be difficult to accomplish and you may need to return later.
  • Speak to Prunella and the inn.
  • You must agree to give her Baqua (ECH).png 100,000.
Baqua (ECH).png 100,000!?
  • Yes.
  • She gives you back Baqua (ECH).png 50,000, though!
Dappled Forest (1)
  • Speak to Fume in the Dappled Forest.
  • Must have Headquarters level 2 and the Mission Guild established.
Eltisweiss (3)
  • Speak to Douglas at the Eltisweiss blacksmith.
  • Mine 10 Iron Ores, and then return to him.
  • Note: Only ores mined after initiating this quest are counted.
  • Ore deposited to your HQ storage also counts after taking the quest
  • It also looks like if you expend any ores in upgrading your HQ, they will count against you, but needs confirmation.
  • Speak to Isha by the bottom right fountain in Eltisweiss.
  • Obtain the Stamp Card and complete three quests:
  • Find a missing cat. (bottom left in Eltisweiss)
  • Find a cockatrice egg in Mountain Path Homeward.
  • Deliver cargo to the Arenside item shop.
Missing Cat
Cockatrice Egg
  • The Cockatrice Egg can be obtained from the treasure chest gimmick encounter in Mountain Path Homeward.
  • Speak to Larla at the inn in Eltisweiss.
  • Must have obtained at least one "Epic Success" mission in the Mission Guild.
Headquarters (1)
  • Talk to Milana outside the Rune Shop in your Headquarters.
  • Must have Headquarters level 2 and Rune Shop level 2. (The Runeshard upgrade.)
Hishahn (2)
  • Speak to Aire and defeat her in a race.
  • Nowa's base speed must be 135 or higher.
Jorhan Gavulet
  • Speak with Jorhan to initiate his quest. Note there is an additional scene if you bring Perrielle along.
  • If you did not bring her, you can see another scene with Perrielle at her room in your Headquarters.
  • Bring Jorhan a Yellow Rose Censer.
Yellow Rose Censer
  • The target Unknown Antique is dropped by Scarabs in the Eastern Desert. (4% drop rate)
  • Item must be appraised. Note Scarabs drop two different types of Unknown Antique. (4% and 8%, respectively)
Impershi'arc (3)
  • Speak to Cabana.
  • Must have Headquarters level 2.
  • Note: This quest is locked until you complete the events in Impershi'arc, but it is available as soon as you do so, before you return to your Headquarters to close the chapter out.
  • Speak to Scarlet to challenge her to a race, and get first place.
  • Speak to Stadler and defeat him in a mock war battle.
  • Speak to Quinn. Nowa must be level 37 or higher.
  • Complete her quest in the Den of the Dunes and defeat the boss there. (Approach the sand pits.)
Daphan Village (1)
  • Speak to Enoe.
  • Must have Headquarters level 2 and the Mission Guild established.
Next Event (5)
During the events in Yarnaan
Abandoned Mines (2)
  • Speak to Marisa in the 1F lobby of your Headquarters to initiate this quest.
  • Take Marisa to Altverden Village, and speak to the NPC near the entrance for a scene.
  • Take Marisa to the Abandoned Mines and go inside to find Aleior.
  • Note: Aleior is no longer missable as of patch 1.07. Marisa will return to the 1F lobby later in the game.
  • Speak with Durlan in the Abandoned Mines depths.
  • Requires Headquarters level 3 and the "Mission: Mission Task 1" facility upgrade developed.
Ardinale City (1)
The Star-Cross'd Lovers Script
  • The Star-Cross'd Lovers Script can be found at the Ardinale City item shop.
  • It is a rare find that appears with a 30% chance. (Resets 30 minutes after you check stock.)
Eldroad (1)
  • Requires Headquarters level 2 and the Training Grounds established.
  • Speak to soldiers at the Training Grounds in your Headquarters to hear rumors about a dragon.
  • Take Code L to the Eldroad and find and fight Chandra.
Headquarters (2)
  • Must have both Isha and Garoo recruited.
  • Find CJ near the southern exit of your Headquarters to begin her quest.
  • Complete her quest in the Runebarrows, the unopened one that's near the ones you went to at the start of the game but NOT the Northern Runebarrows. Defeat the boss there (must bring Isha and Garoo).
  • You must have Headquarters level 3, the Mystery Room unlocked, and at least 80 characters recruited.
  • Speak to her in the mystery room in the basement of your Headquarters.
  • Attempt Hero Trial mode. You do not have to win. Recruit her afterwards.
Hishahn (1)
Twinhorne East (1)
  • Speak to Dalton to recruit him. Bring Sabine for an extra scene, if you'd like.
  • Headquarters level 3 and Mission Guild upgraded to level 3 required.
Twinhorne West (1)
  • Speak to Hogan. This triggers the beginning of his quest.
  • From this point on, you must make Baqua (ECH).png 50,000 in profit trading. Earlier profit does not count.
Baqua (ECH).png 50000!? But I'm bad at trading!
  • If you want to skip the actual trading, because of how this quest is designed and how profit is defined, you can pre-purchase a bunch of trading items to snapshot a negative profit, begin the quest, and then sell everything to complete it right away.
  • If you've already spoken to Hogan, then you're out of luck for this trick. Check out the wiki trading guide!
  • Speak to Rohan at the Inn.
  • You must have a Headquarters population of 5,000 or higher.
Yarnaan (1)
  • Speak to Goldsmid in Yarnaan.
  • Note he will be temporarily locked out. If you miss him, you can find him in Twinhorne West once the next set of events begin.
  • You must have a character with base Physical Attack 180 or higher.
Next Event (6)
During the events in Norristar
Athrabalt (1)
  • Speak to Foxiel in the eastern square in Athrabalt.
  • Speak with Kurtz at your Headquarters, then return to recruit her.
  • Note she will be temporarily unavailable later in this chapter, but will be back here afterwards.
Hishahn (1)
  • Speak to Momo in Hishahn.
  • Agree to help and complete the quest in the Seaside Cavern and defeat the boss there.
Twinhorne East (1)
  • Speak to Aoi. You must have Iugo in your party.
  • Aoi will fight Iugo in a one on one battle, so be prepared.
The Proving Grounds (1)
  • Speak to Galladur in The Proving Grounds.
  • He is located west of the mechanism that rotates the rooms, before the door.
  • He will force you to fight three golems. Beat these in one turn to recruit him.
Snowpeak Pass (1)
El Alicanto
  • This must be done after the story events in Snowpeak Pass.
  • Speak to El Alicanto in the north section of Snowpeak Pass, towards the top where you find the Legend. Beast Horn.
  • Defeat him in a duel and he will join.
Next Event (7)
After the events in Norristar
Headquarters (2)
  • Speak to Allaby inside the Inn at your Headquarters.
Leene ! Warning ! Missable !
  • Recruit all other 119 characters before her check point.
Check point?
  • All characters must be recruited before viewing the victory scene at your Headquarters after fending off the Galdean Empire attack.
  • (Need confirmation, it's possible you may need it before the war battle. Check B'baba and make sure she is not listing anyone else.)
Twinhorne East (1)
  • Must have recruited Quinn.
  • Speak to Dijkstra.
  • Complete his quest in The Chelonian Goliath, Vilashnu and defeat the boss there.