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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes contains many items that can be used by the player, whether they are recovery items, or trading items, or materials and resources for improving the IconMapHQ.pngHeadquarters.


Recovery items are items that can be used by the player to restore their party's HP, MP, or SP as well as remove negative status effects.


Cuisine items can be prepared using foodstuffs. Such recipes can be used in cooking battles or used to create unique cuisine recovery items.


Field items are items that can only be used in Dungeons and similar locations.


Magic items can be used by the player in combat to either deal damage or boost their own party's abilities.


Materials are gathered by the player to construct and improve their headquarters.

Rare Material

Rare materials are gathered by the player to construct and improve their headquarters even further.


Foodstuffs are gathered by the player to provide for their headquarters as well as create cuisine items.


Recipe items allow the player to prepare cuisine items for use in cooking battles or as unique recovery items.

Faded Book

Faded Books can be brought to the player's headquarters to be deciphered and made available to read the contents inside.

Play Book

Play Books can be brought to the player's headquarters to allow eager volunteers to perform the tales contained within.


Unidentified items must be taken to an appraiser to reveal their true value.


Appraisal items are uncovered through examining unidentified items found by the player throughout the game.


Trading items can be bought and sold at a profit depending on fluctuations in the market, depending on location.

Hot Spring

Hot Spring Items have unique effects when brought into the hot springs at the player's headquarters.


These key items have vital effects and generally cannot be discarded before they are used for their intended purpose.

Eggfoot Race

Eggfoot race items include eggs, which are used to hatch new eggfoots, as well as items to better their performance on the track or to customize their appearance to the player's liking.

  • IconItemEgg.png First Egg
  • IconItemEgg.png Regular Egg
  • IconItemEgg.png Promising Egg
  • IconItemEgg.png Champion Egg
  • Legendary Bell
  • Charm of Knowledge
  • Fruit of Knowledge
  • Superior Fruit of Knowledge
  • Supreme Fruit of Knowledge
  • Essence of White
  • Essence of Black
  • Essence of Red
  • Essence of Blue
  • Essence of Yellow
  • Essence of Green
  • Essence of Purple
  • Essence of Light Blue
  • Essence of Pink
  • Black Polka Dots
  • White Polka Dots
  • Essence of Black Hearts
  • Essence of White Hearts
  • Essence of Star Print
  • Essence of Check Print
  • Small Floral Print
  • Large Floral Print
  • Essence of Gray Camo
  • Essence of Green Camo
  • Essence of Leopard Print
  • Essence of Tiger Print
  • Essence of Cow Print
  • Essence of Skeleton Print
  • Essence of Ribbon
  • Essence of Headset
  • Essence of Sun Visor
  • Essence of Devil Horns
  • Essence of Wings
  • Essence of Armor
  • Essence of Spikes
  • Essence of Gentlemen
  • Essence of Baited Trap
  • Essence of Paint
  • Essence of Shi'arc
  • Essence of Mushroom
  • Essence of Basket Mask
  • Essence of Bunny Ears Hat
  • Essence of Angel
  • Sunny-Side-Up Eggs
  • Essence of Crown
  • Essence of Egg Pants