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Shi'arcraft Racing is a minigame in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. In these races, the player controls a shi'arcraft on a racing course with the aim of beating a target time.


The aim of shi'arcraft racing to beat each race's target time. Players collect souls floating on the racetrack to charge up their Dash meter. The player aims to hit jump platforms and dash plates on each course as well as pass through gates placed on the track. Players do not have to pass through all gates to finish but will incur a 3-second penalty for each gate they missed. Tornados can also roam the tracks, upending the player if they make contact.

Although presented as "races", there are no other racers on the field. It is purely a time trial mode. Shi'arcraft races were a big event in the shi'arc town of IconMapShi'arc.pngImpershi'arc and Scarlet turn icon.png Scarlet in particular was a skilled racer with many victories under her belt. Nowa turn icon.png Nowa would win the shi'arc over to the Alliance's cause through his performance in a shi'arcraft race, under the tutelage of Yuferius VII turn icon.png Yuferius VII.

Following the completion of Nowa's race, additional shi'arcraft races can be entered by speaking to the shi'arc to the immediate east of the town's entrance. Winning all four of these races earns the player the Valorous Finned Hero achievement/trophy.


Story and Recruitment
Course 1st Place Time Prize (1st Win) Prize Notes
Tutorial N/A N/A N/A Required to progress the story
Same course as the following story race
Not replayable
Story 01:00:27 IconItemArmorNml.png Golden Scale Armor N/A Required to progress the story
Not replayable
Scarlet 01:12:00 Scarlet turn icon.png Scarlet joins N/A Required to recruit Scarlet turn icon.png Scarlet
Not replayable
Course Classes
Course 1st Place Time Prize (1st Win) Prize Notes
Beginner 00:10:12 IconItemArmorNml.png Diligent Scale Armor IconItemRareMaterial.png Iron Ore Top 5 for reward
Intermediate 00:30:13 IconItemArmorNml.png Honor Scale Armor IconItemRareMaterial.png Mystic Lumber Top 5 for reward
Advanced 00:59:32 IconItemArmorNml.png Golden Scale Armor IconItemRareMaterial.png Dire Beastbone Top 3 for reward
Expert 01:19:60 IconItemHotSpring.png Model Shi'arcraft IconItemRareMaterial.png Legendary Roe Unlocked by finishing 1st in other three race classes
Top 3 for reward


  • Shi'arcraft racing is the only minigame that can not be initiated from the IconMapHQ.pngHeadquarters.
  • Skyd turn icon.png Skyd, Scarlet turn icon.png Scarlet, Barnard turn icon.png Barnard, and Yuferius turn icon.png Yuferius all participate in shi'arcraft races. Other racers listed in the results include: Bookers, Old Ben, Zurbine, Rayne, Canade, Uvo, and Turpan.