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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Facility
Workshop facility.png
Facility Information

The Workshop is a IconMapHQ.pngHeadquarters facility the player accesses in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. The Workshop is how the player will develop objects and features to decorate the Headquarters and Nowa icon 01.png Nowa's Room.


Establishing the Workshop requires the player to recruit Syd icon 01.png Syd in IconMapHishahn.pngHishahn. Once Syd is recruited, the player must then develop the Build Workshop Drafting Studio Development Panel, which is only available when the IconMapHQ.pngHeadquarters is at Level 3 or 4.

There are 100 Workshop objects in total. Recruiting Syd unlocks the first eight, with the player needing to obtain the rest. Workshop objects are not gated by Workshop upgrades but by the materials needed to craft them. As some materials only become available at certain points in the game, objects are made available for crafting through their materials becoming available. Creating 10 objects in the Workshop awards the Art is Explosive! Achievement/Trophy.

Most (91 of the 100) are constructed using resources but the New Nevaeh Clock Tower New Nevaeh Clock Tower is only available through importing an Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising save file when beginning a new game.

Four objects are also locked behind DLC or pre-order content and cannot be crafted unless the player owns that particular content.

Object Required DLC
Golden Exterior Golden Exterior HQ Makeover Pack DLC
Pink Exterior Pink Exterior HQ Makeover Pack DLC
Nowa Haniwa Nowa Haniwa Hope of the Alliance DLC
Honorable Flag Honorable Flag Pioneer Pack DLC

Craft Artwork

Town Objects


Image Name Description Materials
Workshop Exterior Colorful Exterior.png Colorful Exterior Paints to decorate the town in colorful tones. None
Workshop Exterior Cool Exterior.png Cool Exterior Paints to decorate the town in cool tones.
Workshop Exterior Tasteful Exterior.png Tasteful Exterior Paints to decorate the town in elegant tones.
Workshop Exterior Warm Exterior.png Warm Exterior Paints to decorate the town in warm tones.
Workshop Exterior Golden Exterior.png Golden Exterior Paints to decorate the town in golden tones.
Workshop Exterior Pink Exterior.png Pink Exterior Paints to decorate the town in pink tones.


Image Name Description Materials
Workshop Statues Soldier Statue.png Soldier Statue A statue depicting a soldier standing guard over the city. None
Workshop Statues Armored Knight Statue.png Armored Knight Statue A statue depicting a knight in sturdy armor.
Workshop Statues Warding Statue.png Warding Statue A statue of a beast said to drive away evil.
Workshop Statues Griffin Statue.png Griffin Statue A statue of a griffin, known for its sacred power.
Workshop Statues Snowman.png Snowman A statue of a snowman to bring good luck.
Workshop Statues Sinister Statue.png Sinister Statue An evil-looking statue used in dark rituals.
Workshop Statues Very Artistic Haniwa.png Very Artistic Haniwa An artistic Haniwa designed by Syd.
Workshop Statues Nowa Haniwa.png Nowa Haniwa A Haniwa designed after Nowa by Syd.

Street Lamps

Image Name Description Materials
Workshop Street Lamps Standard Street Lamp.png Standard Street Lamp Ordinary street lamps of no aesthetic note. None
Workshop Street Lamps Elden Realm Lamp.png Elden Realm Lamp Street lamps styled after the Oldest Realm.
Workshop Street Lamps Hishahn Street Lamp.png Hishahn Street Lamp Street lamps in traditional Euchrissian style.
Workshop Street Lamps Yarnaan Street Lamp.png Yarnaan Street Lamp Street lamps used in Yarnaan since ancient times.
Workshop Street Lamps Norristari Street Lamp.png Norristari Street Lamp Street lamps from historied Athrabalt.

Street Trees

Image Name Description Materials
Workshop Trees Broadleaf Tree.png Broadleaf Tree Trees most common in warmer regions. None
Workshop Trees Pruned Street Tree.png Pruned Street Tree Streetside trees, kept nice and neat.
Workshop Trees Coniferous Tree.png Coniferous Tree Trees common in cold regions.
Workshop Trees Tropical Tree.png Tropical Tree Trees common in hot regions.
Workshop Trees Cactus.png Cactus Plants hardy enough to thrive in the desert.
Workshop Trees Desert Tree.png Desert Tree Trees that can grow in arid climates.
Workshop Trees Withered Tree.png Withered Tree Trees whose leaves have dried and fallen.
Workshop Trees Greatwood Tree.png Greatwood Tree Trees that grow in the Greatwood.


Image Name Description Materials
Workshop Flags League of Nations Flag.png League of Nations Flag A flag representing the League of Nations. None
Workshop Flags Blazing Fire Flag.png Blazing Fire Flag A flag that symbolizes the intensity of flame.
Workshop Flags Rushing Wind Flag.png Rushing Wind Flag A flag that symbolizes the gentle breath of wind.
Workshop Flags Flowing Water Flag.png Flowing Water Flag A flag that symbolizes the yielding flow of water.
Workshop Flags Unyielding Earth Flag.png Unyielding Earth Flag A flag that symbolizes the immovable earth.
Workshop Flags Hundred Heroes Flag.png Hundred Heroes Flag A flag representing heroes.
Workshop Flags Nowa Flag.png Nowa Flag A flag with a portrait of Nowa drawn by Sumire.
Workshop Flags Cat Flag.png Cat Flag A flag representing cats, drawn by cat lovers.
Workshop Flags Dog Flag.png Dog Flag A flag representing dogs, drawn by dog lovers.
Workshop Flags Skull Flag.png Skull Flag The fabled flag of any pirate worth their salt.
Workshop Flags Amigo Flag.png Amigo Flag A flag for friends of all stripes to gather around.
Workshop Flags Serious Flag.png Serious Flag A tough flag for a tough guy.
Workshop Flags Honorable Flag.png Honorable Flag A flag that conveys the honour of the Shi'arc.

Room Objects


Image Name Description Materials
Workshop Interior Leader's Room.png Leader's Room Simple decor befitting a resistance leader. None
Workshop Interior Hometown Room.png Hometown Room Decor to remind one there's no place like home.
Workshop Interior Imperial Tent Style.png Imperial Tent Style Decor based on Galdean Imperial Army tents.
Workshop Interior Euchrissian Style.png Euchrissian Style Decor in the style of Euchrissian homes.
Workshop Interior Harlan Room.png Harlan Room The decor Harlan has in his room.
He's got to be lining his pockets, right?
Workshop Interior Yarnaan Style.png Yarnaan Style Decor that incorporates Yarnaan cultural designs.
Workshop Interior Norristar Style.png Norristar Style Decor like that in Athrabalt's castle.


Image Name Description Materials
Workshop Carpets Scarlet Carpet.png Scarlet Carpet A rug with a commanding hue. None
Workshop Carpets Sun Pattern Carpet.png Sun Pattern Carpet A rug emblazoned with a sun design.
Workshop Carpets Lord's Manor Carpet.png Lord's Manor Carpet A rug with a design fit for a lord.
Workshop Carpets Imperial Army Tent Carpet.png Imperial Army Tent Carpet A rug placed in Galdean Imperial Army tents.
Workshop Carpets League Tent Carpet.png League Tent Carpet A rug placed in League of Nations Army tents.
Workshop Carpets Hometown Carpet.png Hometown Carpet A rug to remind one there's no place like home.
Workshop Carpets Street Vendor's Mat.png Street Vendor's Mat A light but hard-wearing rug used by street vendors.
Workshop Carpets Huge Fur Pelt.png Huge Fur Pelt A floor pelt taken from a large predator.
It still smells a bit...
Workshop Carpets Basement Hatch.png Basement Hatch A rug depicting a trap door that leads into the basement.
Workshop Carpets Noble's Mansion Carpet.png Noble's Mansion Carpet An expensive rug that decorates nobles' mansions.
Workshop Carpets Faded Carpet.png Faded Carpet A rug whose colors have faded from wear.
Workshop Carpets Octagram Mat.png Octagram Mat A rug with an octagonal design for some sort of ritual.
Workshop Carpets Forest's Bounty Carpet.png Forest's Bounty Carpet A rug depicting the abundant bounty of the forest.
Workshop Carpets Round Fur Pelt.png Round Fur Pelt A round floor pelt taken from an equally round herbivore.
Workshop Carpets Constellation Carpet.png Constellation Carpet A rug depicting the constellations in the night sky.


Image Name Description Materials
Workshop Hangings Punching Bag.png Punching Bag A punching bag from Nowa's room back home.
Hit it square in the face, as hard as you can!
Workshop Hangings Large Fish Ornament.png Large Fish Ornament An ornament of a large fish with colorful lights.
Workshop Hangings Cargo Hook.png Cargo Hook A hook for lifting heavy weights in bustling ports.
Workshop Hangings Greatwood Vines.png Greatwood Vines Vines that grow in the Greatwood.
Every one you cut just grows back.


Image Name Description Materials
Workshop Lamps Dome-shaped Lamp.png Dome-shaped Lamp The large, hemispherical light that came with the room. None
Workshop Lamps Simple Lamp.png Simple Lamp An ordinary lamp of no aesthetic note.
Workshop Lamps Flower Lamp.png Flower Lamp A lovely lamp in the shape of a flower.
Workshop Lamps Chic Chandelier.png Chic Chandelier A chandelier of elegant, understated design.
Workshop Lamps Euchrissian-Style Lamp.png Euchrissian-Style Lamp A lamp in traditional Euchrissian style.
Workshop Lamps Golden Chandelier.png Golden Chandelier An ostentatious, glimmering golden chandelier.
Workshop Lamps Colorful Lamp.png Colorful Lamp A fashionable lamp made of several spherical lights.


Image Name Description Materials
Workshop Ornaments Flower Vase.png Flower Vase A large vase filled with water
to nourish the big leaves arranged within.
Workshop Ornaments Heap of Bread.png Heap of Bread A basket overflowing with bread.
The freshly-baked aroma fills the room.
Workshop Ornaments Decorative Plant.png Decorative Plant A decorative plant you could look at for hours.
Workshop Ornaments Treefolk Elevator.png Treefolk Elevator A model of the elevator in the Treefolk Village.
Workshop Ornaments Pile of Documents.png Pile of Documents A massive pile of papers Ymir dumped on you.
You'll have to sign every last one.
Workshop Ornaments Sandy Waste Model.png Sandy Waste Model A model of the majestic shi'arcraft, the Great Sandy Sea.
Workshop Ornaments Black Cat Figurine.png Black Cat Figurine A statuette of a black cat, worshipped in
another land as a guardian.
Workshop Ornaments Luxurious Chest.png Luxurious Chest An ornate treasure chest.
Sadly, it's locked.
Workshop Ornaments Wooden Dummy.png Wooden Dummy A dummy used to practice martial arts.
Workshop Ornaments Bundle of Maps.png Bundle of Maps A box filled with maps of places all over the world.
Workshop Ornaments Lots of Bottles.png Lots of Bottles Empty bottles perfect for decorating.
Workshop Ornaments Impershi'arc Ornament.png Impershi'arc Ornament A small ornament with the Impershi'arc emblem.
Workshop Ornaments Small Animal Wheel.png Small Animal Wheel Exercise equipment for a small animal
to run round and round.
Workshop Ornaments Model Catapult.png Model Catapult A model of a weapon that launches rocks and explosives.
Workshop Ornaments Golden Sharkhammer.png Golden Sharkhammer A miniature replica of the golden hammer
treasured by Skyd the legendary shi'arc.
Workshop Ornaments Artistic Haniwa.png Artistic Haniwa A haniwa with an artistic flair courtesy of Syd.
Workshop Ornaments Artistic Shark Jaw.png Artistic Shark Jaw A trap based on the action of a shi'arc's jaw.
It clamps down hard on anything that enters.
Workshop Ornaments Shiny Trophy.png Shiny Trophy A gleaming trophy received for coming in
second place in some competition.
Workshop Ornaments Model Boat.png Model Boat A model of a ship that moves by catching
the wind in its sails.
Workshop Ornaments Cactus.png Cactus A cactus that has a resemblance to a haniwa.
Workshop Ornaments Ice Flower.png Ice Flower A flower made of ice. It would crumble at the slightest touch.
Workshop Ornaments Snowman.png Snowman A doll of a snowman to bring good luck.
You shiver slightly looking at it.
Workshop Ornaments Plush Rabbit.png Plush Rabbit A doll of a rabbit holding a shield.
Workshop Ornaments Frog Figurine.png Frog Figurine A frog figurine that's supposed to give you luck in finance.
Workshop Ornaments Celestial Globe.png Celestial Globe A model that shows you where the stars are
in the sky, if you had any idea how to use it.
Workshop Ornaments Artistic Sculpture.png Artistic Sculpture A sculpture with a true artistic touch.
Workshop Ornaments New Nevaeh Clock Tower.png New Nevaeh Clock Tower A model of the clock tower in New Nevaeh.
Isha has a plan to make money off it somehow.