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The Mission Guild is a IconMapHQ.pngHeadquarters facility in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. Upon establishing the Mission Guild, players are able to assign their recruits to automated duties which provide rewards and resources for use in developing the Headquarters further.

Additional missions are unlocked through further Headquarters improvements. With these improvements, additional teams can also be assigned to missions.


In the IconMapHQ.pngHeadquarters's early stages, Nowa icon 01.png Nowa took a direct role in expanding the town by gathering resources, conducting trade, and so forth. However, as the Alliance grew various guilds were established for the procurement of resources in his stead. The Mission Guild was a step further removed. The Mission Guild established special detachment parties to carry out guild work and amass even more resources and funds.


Name Mission Destination Client Details Rewards Secret Reward
Mission Party! To the Farm! IconMapHQ.pngHeadquarters Iris icon 01.png Iris "Martha's back is playing up. Could you help her at the pasturage? If it produces more, the town develops better." IconItemImportant.png Faded Book, Chapter 11
Get us lumber! IconMapForest.pngDappled Forest Iris icon 01.png Iris "We'll need more lumber to develop the Headquarters. So I have a request: could you go and cut some lumber in that timber forest?" IconItemMagic.png Runeshard of Earth 6
Mission Party! Rare stone! IconMapCave.pngAbandoned Mine Iris icon 01.png Iris "We need rare, high-quality stone to make the Headquarters stronger and prettier. Could you go to the mines and get us some?" IconItemMagic.png Runeshard of Wind 6
Patrol mines! IconMapCave.pngAbandoned Mine - Depths Iris icon 01.png Iris "The Headquarters are linked to the mines, and people worry about invading monsters. Could you go and patrol the mines for safety?" IconItemMagic.png Runeshard of Water 6
Seek out rare lumber! IconMapForest.pngThe Greatwood – East Iris icon 01.png Iris "We need rare, high-quality lumber to make the Headquarters stronger and prettier. Could you go to the Greatwood and get us some?" IconRuneStatus.png Rune of Tremendous Power
Food? Ore? Seaside Cavern! IconMapCave.pngSeaside Cavern Kurtz icon 01.png Kurtz "I'm running low on sweet urchins. Could you fetch some from the Seaside Cavern? You'll find rare ore there as well." IconRuneStatus.png Rune of Arcane Magic
Liven up the fishing spot! IconMapHQ.pngHeadquarters Huang icon 01.png Huang "They've set up a fishing spot, but nobody comes to enjoy it... So! Anyone wanna go fishing? You can have whatever we catch..." IconItemImportant.png Faded Book, Chapter 12
Patrol trade route! Euchrisse Gocteau icon 01.png Gocteau "A request from the Euchrissian traders. Seems more monsters are appearing on the trade route. They want some guards to patrol it." IconRuneSkill.png Rune of Armor Pierce
Population boom! Get food! IconMapForest.pngBounty Hill Iris icon 01.png Iris "The Headquarters is bustling with newcomers. Now we're running short of food supplies. Could you help us secure some foodstuffs?" IconItemImportant.png Faded Book, Chapter 13
Seek out rare foodstuffs! IconMapBarrows.pngEldroad Kurtz icon 01.png Kurtz "I want to elevate my restaurant, so you'll get me some rare foodstuffs. You'll have to defeat tough foes to get them, be careful." IconRuneSkill.png Rune of Charge Smash
Patrol eastern trade route! Euchrisse Gocteau icon 01.png Gocteau "A request from Eastern traders. Monster attacks are rising around Shandar Ridge. If anyone's available, send them over, will you?" IconRuneSkill.png Rune of Armor Break
Help Kurtz at his stall! IconMapShi'arc.pngImpershi'arc Kurtz icon 01.png Kurtz "Thanks to you, my restaurant is now thriving. So I made up my mind and I will take it to the world! I'll set up a food stall!" IconRuneSkill.png Rune of Cheap Shot
Beast Busters! IconMapCave.pngThe Ice Cave Gocteau icon 01.png Gocteau "Ice cave in Norristar is full of monsters that drop rare materials. We could use more materials. You should probably take a IconRuneSkill.png Rune of Rapid Shot
Gather theatergoers! IconMapHQ.pngHeadquarters Clarke icon 01.png Clarke "Thanks to you all, we now have a theater.
But! I want my plays to charm a wider audience...
can you help me in attracting patrons?"
IconItemImportant.png Faded Book, Chapter 14