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Achievements and trophies are earned by performing various tasks in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes has a total of 56 achievements to obtain. Some are earned through story progression while others are optional.

Achievement List

This list contains general spoilers for Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes
Image Name Description
Legendary Hero.png Legendary Hero Unlocked all achievements
Last One to Appear.png Last One to Appear Collected all 120 heroes
Hero’s Victory.png Hero’s Victory Cleared the game and watched the ending.
I Love Weapons!.png I Love Weapons! Upgraded all allies’ weapons to the highest level.
Town-Building Hero.png Town-Building Hero Unlocked all development panels in the Drafting Studio.
Hero Beyond Time and Space.png Hero Beyond Time and Space Passed all trials at the Proving Grounds.
Invincible Hero.png Invincible Hero Raised Nowa’s level to 99.
Monument Builder.png Monument Builder Built a landmark.
Hero of Commerce.png Hero of Commerce Earned 1 million baqua through trading.
A Place for Heroes to Return.png A Place for Heroes to Return Maxed out the Headquarters level.
Treasure Hunter.png Treasure Hunter Opened all treasure chests.
The Primal Lens.png The Primal Lens Found the Primal Lens in the Runebarrows.
A Day in the Life of the Watch.png A Day in the Life of the Watch Punished Kogen and his band.
Hometown on Fire.png Hometown on Fire Nowa’s hometown Kyshiri Village is burned by Hurstwine.
Raising the Flag of Resistance.png Raising the Flag of Resistance Nowa raised an army of resistance.
Conquering the Proving Grounds.png Conquering the Proving Grounds Kallathor passes the Proving Ground trials.
Hishahn is Defended.png Hishahn is Defended. Successfully defended Hishahn.
Valorous Shi’arcs.png Valorous Shi’arcs Nowa welcomed shi’arcs as allies.
Bidding Father Farewell.png Bidding Father Farewell Seign took leave of his father to pursue his own path.
I Will Reclaim This Place.png I Will Reclaim This Place Marisa vowed to reclaim her “home.”
Songs of Valor on the Great Sandy Sea.png Songs of Valor on the Great Sandy Sea Nowa and his friends escaped dire straits.
Sweet Taste of Victory.png Sweet Taste of Victory Repelled the Imperial Army and held a victory feast.
Eve of the Battle.png Eve of the Battle The night before the battle, on the castle rooftop appeared...
Trusted Hero.png Trusted Hero Used “Auto” for 100 turns in battle.
Hero Combo Master.png Hero Combo Master Activated 20 different hero combos.
Polished Partner.png Polished Partner Maxed out a weapon’s level for the first time.
Hot Spring Enthusiast.png Hot Spring Enthusiast Triggered 40 different hot spring events.
Hero of Destruction.png Hero of Destruction Dealt over 3,000 damage in a single turn to an enemy.
Know Thy Enemy, Know Thyself.png Know Thy Enemy, Know Thyself Completed the Encyclopedia of Enemies.
Expert Appraiser.png Expert Appraiser Appraised items 10 times at the Appraiser’s Shop.
Town Building Beginner.png Town Building Beginner Raised the Headquarters level for the first time.
The Hero Who Fished the World.png The Hero Who Fished the World Caught all types of fish.
The Hero Whom the Runes Smile On.png The Hero Whom the Runes Smile On Collected all runes.
I Like Runeshards!.png I Like Runeshards! Collected all runeshards.
Gourmand Hero.png Gourmand Hero Cooked all dishes at the restaurant.
Art Is Explosive!.png Art Is Explosive! Created 10 different kinds of objects in the workshop.
I Love Animals!.png I Love Animals! Talked to animals 10 times.
Eggfoot Breeder.png Eggfoot Breeder Bred eggfoots 10 times.
Eggfoot Race Hero.png Eggfoot Race Hero Won all races.
Whirled Peace.png Whirled Peace Defeated all beigoma trainers.
Beigoma Collector.png Beigoma Collector Collected all beigoma.
Card Game Champ.png Card Game Champ Defeated all heroes at cards.
Card Collector.png Card Collector Collected all cards.
Valorous Finned Hero.png Valorous Finned Hero Took first place in all shi’arcraft race classes.
Skilled in War.png Skilled in War Cleared all mock battles.
Epic Success!.png Epic Success! Achieved “Epic Success” in all mission tasks.
A Distinguished Theater.png A Distinguished Theater Received an ’S’ rating at the theater.
A Big Bag and a Big Sack.png A Big Bag and a Big Sack Maxed out stowpack and resource bag levels.
Honorable Statue.png Honorable Statue Constructed a hero’s statue at the Headquarters.
Hot Spring Revelry.png Hot Spring Revelry Used a hot spring item to bathe in the hot springs.
Take a Proper Rest.png Take a Proper Rest Stayed at inns 10 times.
Binge Shopping Hero.png Binge Shopping Hero Spent 1 million baqua.
Are You Working Hard?.png Are You Working Hard? Went to check out allies on a mission.
Guild Founder.png Guild Founder Dispatched allies from the mission guild for the first time.
Bond of Heroes.png Bond of Heroes Attacked an enemy with a hero combo for the first time.
Ace Forager.png Ace Forager Foraged items 250 times.