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Hero Mode is an unlockable endurance trial mode in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. In Hero Mode, players are challenged to defeat groups of enemies in order to clear floors and obtain rewards.


After a mysterious room was constructed in the IconMapHQ.pngHeadquarters dungeon, a menhir glowing an ominous red would take Nowa turn icon.png Nowa to the room. There, he would encounter Selbineth, who called herself a traveler in the thrall of the God of the Myriad Planes. Selbineth explained that the God wished to reside in its present location for a time and test the strength of Nowa and his companions by pitting them against foes from various dimensions.


Hero Mode can be unlocked by developing the Build Mysterious Room panel in the IconMapHQ.pngHeadquarters Drafting Studio. The Headquarters must be at least Level 3 with 80 characters or more recruited. Once the panel is developed, speaking to Selbineth turn icon.png Selbineth in the Headquarters' basement will unlock Hero Mode.

The earliest point in the game that Hero Mode can be unlocked is during IconStory.png To Norristar, the Western Nation.


Each 'floor' of the Hero's Trial Grounds is divided into three battles. The first two will be against enemy formations from a specific region, while the third will be against the relevant boss from the area indicated. Following the clearing of a floor, the player is required to swap out a number of party members of their choice, usually three, for replacements randomly selected from the player's pool of recruited characters.

On the Hero's Trail Grounds Normal Mode, the player's characters have their HP and MP fully restored every five floors (Floors 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25). The player is also able to completely reassemble their party without penalty at these points. Normal Mode ends after defeating the Ancient King enemy turn icon.png Ancient King on Floor 26. Clearing Normal Mode will unlock Endless Mode.

On the Hero's Trail Grounds Endless Mode, the player's characters never have their status restored nor is the player ever given the option to assemble a party without penalty. Enemies are also set to a higher level with higher stats. After defeating the Ancient King on Floor 26, the mode begins to loop with enemies having yet higher levels and stats. The Ancient King on Floor 52 is the ultimate boss of Endless Mode, though defeating him will have the player begin at Floor 53, repeating the Floor 27 to 52 loop again with no additional enhancements.

Endless Mode is the most efficient method of levelling characters past the 60s up to level 99.


Players are scored on each floor they clear in Hero Mode depending on several factors. These scores are then added together for an accumulative score during the run.

Each floor cleared awards the player with a base number of points, which can be raised or lowered in the following ways.

  • The formula is the base score * turn modifier * item penalty modifier.
  • The base score given for clearing a floor is 10,000 on Normal Mode and 20,000 on Endless Mode.
  • There are no modifiers for any game difficulty toggles.
  • Depending on the amount of turns needed to clear a floor, the player can receive a 90% to 120% modifier.
Turns Score Modifier
1-5 x1.20
6 x1.17
7 x1.14
8 x1.11
9 x1.08
10 x1.05
11 x1.02
12 x0.99
13 x0.96
14 x0.93
15+ x0.90
  • Using an item adds a negative 5% modifier to the score per item used. There is no lower limit, so 20 items used on a floor will result in a score of zero.
Items Used Score Modifier
0 x1
1 x0.95
2 x0.90
3 x0.85
4 x0.80
5 x0.75
6 x0.70
7 x0.65
8 x0.60
9 x0.55
10 x0.50
11 x0.45
12 x0.40
13 x0.35
14 x0.30
15 x0.25
16 x0.20
17 x0.15
18 x0.10
19 x0.05
20 x0.00

As Normal Mode ends after clearing Floor 26, it has a hard cap of 312,000 points ([10,000 * 1.2 * 1] * 26).


Normal Mode

Cleared Floor Reward
Floor 5 IconItemOther.png Primordial Scarf
Floor 10 IconItemOther.png Sphene Bangle
Floor 15 IconItemHeadNml.png Primordial Helmet
Floor 20 IconItemHeadHvy.png Primordial Face Guard
Floor 25 IconItemWear.png Primordial Robe
Floor 26 IconItemHotSpring.png Cherry Petals

Endless Mode

Cleared Floor Reward
Floor 5 IconItemArmorLgt.png Primordial Lt Armor
Floor 10 IconItemOther.png Sphene Bangle
Floor 15 IconItemArmorNml.png Primordial Armor
Floor 20 IconItemArmorHvy.png Primordial Mail
Floor 25 IconItemShield.png Primordial Shield
Floor 26 IconItemOther.png Mark of a Hero