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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Character
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Physical Information
GenderFemale.png Female
Biographical Information
Fav. Meal
Gameplay Information
Energetic Trainer
Unit Type
IconUnitSupport.png Support
Japanese Misaki Ikeda
English Beth Chalmers

Aire is a recruitable character in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. Aire is an athletic young woman who aspires to encourage the world to embrace healthy habits and regular exercise.


Aire icon 01.png
Train together, gain together!

As a child, Aire was already a fast runner and never lost a race. Once, a boy she beat tried to taunt her by saying she couldn't outrun an eggfoot. In response, she did just that. As an adult, she was considered a woman with healthy good looks[1] and a beautiful smile[2].

Aire's ambition was to encourage good health world-wide by spreading the Aire Workout across Allraan. When approached for weight-loss tips, she would start with the basics about healthy eating and exercise before working with the individual to tailor a plan that works for them. With an encouraging teaching style, she was very popular with many repeat customers and devotees[3].

The various diet plans she worked out are incorporated into her program, which is one reason she's so eager to take requests for help. In that way, helping others improves her own Aire Workout program. Aire loved fish and made sure to include it in her daily menu[1]. She also enjoyed strawberry milk post-run, or after bathing[4].

Aire makes a bet with Nowa

Aire would end up joining the Alliance after meeting Nowa icon 01.png Nowa in IconMapHishahn.pngHishahn. Thrilled to meet a celebrity, she would ask for his autograph and cheered on his fight against the Galdean Empire but was reluctant to join the Alliance herself until she was sure Nowa was a person who could keep up with her. Challenging him to a race, she would gladly join the Alliance after losing to its leader.

At the IconMapHQ.pngHeadquarters, she would contribute to the Alliance cause with her exercise regimens and as a message runner[5]. When Paquia icon 01.png Paquia learned the story of Aire's childhood victory over an eggfoot, she was shocked and tried to get Aire into the eggfoot races as an athlete. She would also encourage Maureus icon 01.png Maureus to incorporate running to increase his stamina[6]. Aire was often seen running and especially enjoyed running in nature. She also liked animals[7] but was understandably spooked by monsters[8]. She sometimes participated in Clarke icon 01.png Clarke's theatre but her enthusiastic acting made her unsuitable for some roles[9].

Following the war, Aire opened a training dojo. Her clients have various targets, ranging from health to weight loss, and Aire remains cheerful helping others to reach their fitness goals[10].

B'baba's Divination

Dieting Advice
Many ask Aire for weight-loss tips. She starts with the basics—"eat well and exercise"—before working with the requester on a weight-loss plan that works for them.

With glowing reviews, and an encouraging, praise- based teaching style, many keep coming back.

The Aire Workout
Aire's ambition is to get the whole world healthy by spreading the Aire Workout across the land.

The various diet plans she's worked out are incorporated into the program, which is one reason she's so eager to take requests for help.

Master Sprinter
Aire was such a fast runner as a child, she never lost a race. One boy she beat tried to taunt her: "Okay, but you can't beat an eggfoot, can you?" So she did.

When Paquia heard the story, she was shocked and tried to get Aire into the eggfoot races.



Other languages

Language Title Romanization Notes
Japanese エア Ea Transliteration of the English word 'air'
Chinese (Simplified) 艾尔 Ài ěr Transliteration of English
Chinese (Traditional) 艾兒 Ài er Transliteration of English
French Aire Same as English
German Aire Same as English
Italian Aire Same as English
Korean 에어 Eeo Transliteration of Japanese
Portuguese (Brazilian) Aire Same as English
Russian Айри Ayri Transliteration of English
Spanish Aire Same as English



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