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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Location
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"Arenside" - Michiko Naruke, Noriyuki Iwadare

Arenside is a location in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. It was first shown with the working title of Camp Village (キャンプ村) in the July 2021 Kickstarter update[1].


Located in northern Grum County, the normally sleepy village of Arenside became a hotbed of activity with the potential discovery of a new set of Runebarrows in the nearby Northern Forest.

As part of diplomatic efforts between the League of Nations and the Galdean Empire, dual camps were established on the outskirts of the village as they planned their joint investigative operation. It was here that Nowa first began his work for the Eltisweiss Watch and, just as importantly, where he first met Seign Kesling, who led the Imperial contingent during the joint mission.

Following the successful discovery of the Northern Runebarrows and the Primal Lens enshrined within, both parties would eventually withdraw, returning the village to its lethargic state some six months later.


General Store
Item Description Price
IconRareFind.png Herb Chicken Recipe Herb Chicken Recipe 10% Recipe for making
Herb Chicken.
Baqua (ECH).png 1000
Healing Herb Healing Herb Restores 40 HP to one ally. Baqua (ECH).png 20
Revival Medicine Revival Medicine Revives incapacitated ally and restores 30 HP. Baqua (ECH).png 250
Scarf Scarf A piece of cloth wrapped around the neck. Baqua (ECH).png 160
Wooden Headguard Wooden Headguard A forehead protector made of hardwood. Baqua (ECH).png 220
Wooden Helm Wooden Helm A heavy helmet made of hardwood. Baqua (ECH).png 280
Traveler's Clothes Traveler's Clothes Clothing strong enough to endure any journey. Baqua (ECH).png 180
Shoulder Guard Shoulder Guard Armor made of soft material placed on the shoulders. Baqua (ECH).png 200
Tempered Breastplate Tempered Breastplate A simple chestpiece made of hardwood. Baqua (ECH).png 260
Wooden Armor Wooden Armor Full body armor made of hardwood. Baqua (ECH).png 300

Beigoma spinadiers

Spinadier Beigoma 1 Beigoma 2 Beigoma 3 Prize
Human NPC beigoma portrait.png Villager 6x Healing Herb Healing Herb
Thudd beigoma portrait.png Thudd IconItemBeigoma.png Earthsmack


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