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The Runebarrows, colloquially referred to as simply the Barrows, are ruins located within the Quarry of New Nevaeh. Filled with rune-lenses and other treasures, it is a draw for eager treasure hunters. However, many of the locals believe that the Barrows should not be disturbed.


After an earthquake in New Nevaeh, the Runebarrows were revealed. Isha, the acting mayor of New Nevaeh, used the Runebarrows as an opportunity to raise money for the town, and invited adventures from all corners to explore them.

For an adventurer to be able to explore the Runebarrows, they must purchase an explorer's license for 100,000 baqua. Or, for those who are not financially able, they must complete a Stamp Card. To also aid the town, all artifacts found in the barrows are subject to an explorer tax of thirty percent.

After Main Quest 10: The Mystery of the Menhir, CJ, Garoo, and Isha uncovered a secret Menhir, the Farmside Menhir. This provided quick access between New Nevaeh and the Runebarrows.

The Runebarrows hide a great secret that has fateful implications for one of the game's heroes. A deep conspiracy here provides a connection that will carry over to Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes.


Barrows' Arch

In-game description: Entrance to the mysterious Runebarrows, uncovered in the earthquake. The Menhir has made getting in and out much easier.

Grand Passage

In-game description: A hallway leading deeper into the Barrows, littered with monsters who wield the power of lightning.

Fishing Spot

In-game description: A fishing spot long since forgotten and full of the biggest and rarest fish anyone has ever seen.

Grand Hall

In-game description: A Palatial hall at the center of the Barrows. Guarded by a mysterious, fearsome creature...

Map of the Runebarrows