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New Nevaeh

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New Nevaeh is a town located on the continent of Allraan. It is the primary setting of Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising.


New Nevaeh was established upon the abandoned ruins of Old Nevaeh some 150 years prior to the events of Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. Around that time, a clock tower was built in the town's plaza and became a testament to their vision for the new town.

Three months prior to CJ's arrival in the town, a series of earthquakes struck and caused untold damage to the town. These earthquakes also uncovered the Runebarrows. Attempts to investigate these ruins failed, with Mayor Daksa being one of those who disappeared in what became known as the Sorrow. Monster sightings also increased in the wake of the earthquakes, increasing the danger further.

Following this, Daksa's daughter Isha succeeded him as Acting Mayor of New Nevaeh. She came up with the plan of generating revenue to rebuild the town by inviting adventures to explore the ruins. Now 'outlanders' flock to New Nevaeh in search of wealth, causing friction between them and the townsfolk.