Moss Tadpole

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Moss Tadpole
Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Fish
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A tadpole that grows moss on the sunlit parts of its body. Basks in the daytime to promote moss growth. Specimens with particularly luxuriant moss fetch a high price among certain collectors.
Fish Information
1x Fish Fish

The Moss Tadpole is a fish that can be caught in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes.

Catch information

Fish Bamboo Rod Quality Rod Hero's Rod
Rate Hook Time Rate Hook Time Rate Hook Time
Fishing spot (Eltisweiss) 18.52% 1.5 sec 18.52% 1.7 sec 17.86% 2 sec
Fishing spot (Grum County–North) 19.23% 1.5 sec 19.23% 1.7 sec 18.52% 2 sec
Fishing spot (Headquarters 1) 10.1% 1.5 sec 9.9% 1.7 sec 9.17% 2 sec
Fishing spot (Kyshiri Village) 18.52% 1.5 sec 18.52% 1.7 sec 17.86% 2 sec

Other languages

Language Title Romanization Notes
Japanese コケタマジャクシ Koketamajakushi Portmanteau of 苔 (koke), meaning moss, and the おたまじゃくし (otamajakushi), meaning tadpole
Chinese (Simplified) 苔藓蝌蚪 Táixiǎn kēdǒu Translation of Japanese
Chinese (Traditional) 苔蘚蝌蚪 Táixiǎn kēdǒu Translation of Japanese
French Têtard à mousse Translation of English
German Moos-Kaulquappe Translation of English
Italian Girino muschiato Translation of English
Korean 이끼 올챙이 Ikki olchaeng-i Translation of Japanese
Portuguese (Brazilian) Girino musgo Translation of English
Russian Замшелый головастик Zamshelyy golovastik Translation of English
Spanish Renacuajo musgoso Translation of English