Sand Goby

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Sand Goby
Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Fish
Sand Goby image.png
A goby that slides across sandy wastes on "sleds." The sleds are pieces of wood or grass that it suckers onto its abdominal suction cup. Large specimens often steal sleds from smaller ones they encounter.
Fish Information
1x Fish Fish

The Sand Goby is a fish that can be caught in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes.

Catch information

Fish Bamboo Rod Quality Rod Hero's Rod
Rate Hook Time Rate Hook Time Rate Hook Time
Fishing spot (Big Sandfish Island) 22.73% 1.5 sec 21.74% 1.7 sec 19.23% 2 sec
Fishing spot (Headquarters 4) 21.74% 1.5 sec 20.41% 1.7 sec 17.86% 2 sec
Fishing spot (Little Sandfish Island) 29.41% 1.5 sec 28.57% 1.7 sec 25% 2 sec